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Help & Info about AutoCAD 360 for windows

  • Is AutoCAD 360 free?

    This program can be downloaded for free which will allow you to view, create and edit designs for a trial period. After this, you will be upgraded to the premium version which needs to be paid for. Students are able to obtain a three-year version for free but they must provide credentials.
  • Does AutoCAD 360 work on mobile devices?

    A mobile app version of this software has been developed by its makers, Autodesk Inc. This makes it a powerful tool for designers and engineers who need to adjust drawings on site and then share them with colleagues and clients elsewhere instantly.
  • What can you do with AutoCAD 360?

    This is a professional software package used by architects, structural engineers and designers to create and edit drawings and designs. You can add measurements and dimensions with ease as well as annotating design features. Drawings can be easily shared or plotted into PDF files to email or post online for download.
  • Is AutoCAD 360 3-D?

    This program is not designed to allow you to create drawings of structures in three dimensions. This is all done in a two-dimensional layout. However, it can be used to render a two-dimensional image into three dimensions which allows for a fresh perspective. Editing in three dimensions is not possible.
  • Can you print from AutoCAD 360?

    This software package does not come with a straightforward print function. However, it is possible to print. Simply select the plot function and export your drawing to a PDF file. From here, it is simple enough to send the document to a printer.
  • How does AutoCAD 360 work?

    This software package functions by allowing users to make drawings on their device using a mouse or a stylus. It comes with a number of preloaded images, called blocks, which allow you to add details like seating and foliage with ease. It is a computer-aided design package that creates DWG drawing files.
  • Can you share designs using AutoCAD 360?

    Yes, you can. It is possible to email them to colleagues or to connect to external cloud servers, such as OneDrive or Dropbox, to share drawings.
  • Is AutoCAD 360 available for Macs?

    Yes. This software system works on a wide variety of devices including Macs. Windows 10 users can also take advantage of its mobile functionality, too.
  • What system requirements does AutoCAD 360 need?

    Windows users will need a PC that runs a 64-bit processor and which has at least 3 GB of RAM available. It takes up about 3.5 GB of hard drive space and needs Windows 7, or higher, to run. A graphics card that offers a minimum of 512 MB GDDR RAM is also recommended.
  • Can I use AutoCAD 360 offline?

    If you have no internet connection, then it is possible to create and edit drawings from locally saved DWG and DXF files. In its default setting, the program will limit local files to a total of 100 MB. When you have connected to the internet again, it is possible to upload your changes to your preferred cloud service where all of the updates will be recorded.


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